Q. Can I withdraw my business at anytime?

A. Yes, you can, we require 30 days written notice.

Q. How long will it take from the time I fill in all the details on the template to being viewed by brides and grooms?

A. Within 1 week, provided all information is complete and correct.

Q. How many jobs can I quote on?

A. As many as you can manage.

Q. Can I email brides and grooms photos and pictures?

A. Yes, we actually prefer you to do this to make it easier for couples to decide.

Q. Can I provide feedback?

A. Yes, feedback is an important part of what we do and we welcome any comments you wish to share.

Q. What if I have urgent request or problem?

A. If you have an urgent request or problem we encourage you to contact our office via phone.

Q. What if I want to make changes to the way my details appear?

A. You can make changes through the members template, although if you require Quote my Wedding to make the changes a cost will be incurred – price on application.

Q. How much deposit will I receive from brides to secure a booking?

A. We recommend 10% although this is at your discretion. Payments are made to Quote my Wedding, your 5% commission is deducted and the balance is transferred to your account on a fortnightly basis.